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The Your Business! An Entrepreneurial Program was initially started in March 2020 and fully rolled out in August 2020.

Starting a business can be overwhelming. As we work our way through the program together, participants will obtain the knowledge and understanding in “Starting Your Business” and “Writing Your Business Plan.” What A+ Consulting & Training Group offers that no other agency or organization offer, is the assurance of support to see participants’ dream of business ownership a reality as long as the participant does his/her part to become successful as a business owner.

The Your Business! Entrepreneurial Program is an education and training program offered by A+ Consulting & Training Group. The program provides participants with an overview of business ownership within a two part course: “Starting Your Business!” and “Writing Your Business Plan!” The two part courses are a detail step by step, walk through to business ownership. We will support the participants from idea/niche to launch into business ownership.

“Starting Your Business!” and “Writing Your Business Plan!” are the main two-part courses that are detailed in a step-by-step course delivered by A+ Consulting and Training Group’s entrepreneurship staff. The participants are encouraged to take advantage of the A+ Consulting & Training staff, the many resources offered by the SBA, and its partner network.

The program is offered to anyone at any age with an understanding and interest in business ownership. This program is designed to assist in every aspect of business ownership start-up.

The program provides the guidance and understanding to writing a business plan, starting a business, launch of products and/or services, and developing concepts. This will be achieved through Advice, Motivation, and Accountability also known as A.M.A! The Your Business! An Entrepreneurial Program provides much more benefits and perks in addition to the 2-part course and an optional follow-on course. There will be lifetime memberships, access to newsletters, access to private social media groups, discounts for future training, and 100% staff support from idea to launch: with 1 additional year of mentoring after launch. All participants receive a certificate of completion with a swag bag also known as a participate gift bag.

The full program with benefits and perks is valued at $8,000.00 but individuals can take advantage of this complete program for {click schedule}. Payment plans are available.

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