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Most frequent questions and answers

Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

We can be flexible outside of  normal office hours upon request and availability. 

A+ Consulting & Training Group is Licensed in the State of Georgia and operates out of Liberty County, Georgia. 

A+ Consulting & Training Group is currently virtual with scheduled on site meetings and appointments designated by Training Calendar and/or the client’s desired location.  

Business After Hours LIVE is streaming on line Live using  Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming platforms where staff takes your questions, comments, and complaints during the hours of 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST, every Wednesday. 

Currently Business After Hours is streaming live on Facebook Live! every Wednesday. There are no replays. 

Always check our Calendar for cancellations and justifications. 

There is no consulting fee with your first 30 minute visit.

A+ Consulting & Training Group offers entrepreneurs advice, motivation, and accountability!

We will assist entrepreneurs in their initial start-up through writing Business Plans, Logo Referral, PowerPoint Design, Research, Cover letters & Resumes, Exit Strategies, and Review of existing Business Plan. 

We also offer 3-5 Year Financials, Market Segmentation, and assistance in your 30 Second Elevator Pitch. 

A+ Consulting & Training Group offers Notary Services, Resource Referrals, Veteran Services, HR Services, Job Matching, and Digital Media Marketing.  

Based on Business Plan needs, there is a minimum of 10 days before the 1st draft is available for review. 

This amount of time can be shorten or extended based on the client’s needs. 

A proper detailed Business Plan takes dedication and at minimum of 100 hours, which includes research. The Financial requirements must be done accurately in order for each page to correlate with one another. 

No, all manuals are created  for your industry  and specific  business/organization.  


There will be training sessions at least four (4) times a month covering different topics. Training Topics will vary, so please check the Training calendar. 

Training Topics and offerings will increase based on demand. 

Training times will vary for each topic. Some training will last 3 days with 10 minute breaks and a 1 hour lunch break. Other Training may last 1 full day with 5 minute breaks and a 1 hour lunch break while many sessions will be available for half a day and/or virtual. 

We have training session that are for 1 hour. It will vary based on needs. 

We have launch our new program, Your Business! An Entrepreneurial Program which is a 10 week program. For more information, please see our Training Academy page located in the Services drop down menu for more information or click here.

A+ Consulting & Training Group is honored to service all veterans. BUT most detailed services must be authorized and approved by certifying agencies, like the Veteran Administration and State Agencies. 

As we get the authorization and approvals, our services will increase and the information will expand. 

We appreciate your trust in us to be your Benefit Advisor.

Thank you for your service!

When there are no training sessions showing in the Training Calendar, that means we are currently preparing material for sessions to begin. 

We will offer Training Sessions  during the months of August through April. 

May, June, and July allows for creation and preparation for new Training Programs. 

Our first Training Session will start in August 2020. 

updated:  4/30/2019

We are currently testing different programs that will allow for online purchase of Seminars or Workshops. We have not found a system that services the needs of our organization and the customer.

We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Not all Social Media icons are linked due to some social media platforms are not ready for launch. 

Icons are active except for our LinkedIn. 

updated: 4/26/2020

Please see the bottom page in the footer. You will be able to see Privacy Policy. Please click on that Privacy Policy. 

Current A+ Consulting & Training Group has suspended all face to face visits. 

All services are now available virtually, including appointments. 

Any on site visits will require assessments and proper use of CDC recommendations such as the wearing of mask, optional gloves, use of hand sanitizer, and/or washing of hands. 

It is our goal to maintain the safety of our staff and clients.